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Thank you, Volunteers and Participants!

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Staging Information

2019 Information

Only vehicles that are in the parade will be allowed in the high school parking lot. Those vehicles must enter at Central and Maplewood and check-in. All others should park at the Cambridge parking lot on Cambridge and Garden or at the GC Hospital Harrison building parking lot on Hartel between Cambridge and Maplewood and walk over to the High School parking lot. There will be no other entry to the Garden City High School parking lot.

Notice to Participants and Group

Leaders for Parade Day

Please advise your group to follow the instructions of

the parade managers, including once the parade begins.

There will be a stage manager at Block and Middlebelt that will slow or stop groups to create the proper spacing for TV. There will also be a stage manager in the telecast area in front of City Hall. Your group is to stop ONLY if you are instructed to by the stage manager. The stage manager will have signs directing your group to stop or go. You must proceed forward in the parade when instructed. We realize that every group wants to stop and perform for television, but we have a large number of groups this year and we are restricted by Wayne 

County and the Police Department as to how long we can close the road.

Also, be advised, if your group is stopped or told to speed up by the lead parade official or the Police Officer at the beginning of the parade, you must follow their instructions. Even though it may seem odd to stop when there is no entry in front of you, it is imperative for the spacing of the parade. If the front of the parade goes too fast, gaps are created that have a negative impact on how the parade appears to the spectators. 

We also remind you that the throwing of candy is prohibited for the safety of the spectators and parade participants. Please walk candy and other goodies to the curb.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter to help makes this a great parade to watch and a safe parade to be in.

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