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Please read the following instructions before completing and returning your parade application.

1.No unit will be admitted into the parade that has not been pre-approved. The entry deadline is November 6, 2018. The Santaland Parade Committee will be the final arbiter regarding the appropriateness of any entry. The Santaland Parade Committee reserves the right to reject any entry that is not in good taste, inappropriate, or not in the best interested of the parade. Entries of a controversial or political nature may be prohibited. Also entries espousing a specific political cause or pertaining to any current or pending legal matter are not permitted. . Any entry application that is received after the listed deadline will be evaluated on its value to the parade and may be denied for any reason.

2.All entries should be properly identified with signs or banners with the organization’s name so the spectators know who you are. A holiday message is suggested. This is not a commercial parade – please no sales messages.

3.Equestrian and animal units must provide their own accompanying clean-up personnel and equipment. Please make sure the horses have the proper shoes.  

4.All parade participants are required to conduct themselves in such a manner as not to infringe on the rights of those people living in and along the staging areas and parade route. NO solicitation is allowed during the event.

5.No SANTA’S – we have invited the “real” Santa!

6.NO objects including candy or favors, may be THROWN in the parade. Michigan State Law prohibits throwing of items in a parade. Candy may be handed out at the curb. Flyers of any sort can not be DISTRIBUTED in the parade or in the staging area.

7.There will be no live fires on any floats.

8.There are to be no vision obstructions to tow vehicles.

9.Float riders are only permitted to ride on the float during the parade.

10.Alcohol beverages are not allowed in the staging area or during the parade.

11.No smoking near or on entries or in the staging area.

12.All vehicles must be clean to be in the parade including those pulling floats.

13.Any violations of the rules or safety requirements could result in your entry not being able to participate in the parade.